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Volunteers bring voting to Fulton Presbyterian Manor

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Laura Bolton, left, has many connections to the Fulton Presbyterian Manor campus. In addition to volunteering with the voting program, her mother, Evelyn Hopkins, far right, is a resident. Mother and daughter pose here with friend Charlotte Rosenstengel.[/caption]

Every April, we celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Month and honor those individuals who give their time freely to make Fulton Presbyterian Manor a better place to live and work. Volunteers can help in a variety of ways, and one volunteer, Laura Bolton, came up with a unique way to help residents fulfill their civic duties and remain an active voice in the community: voting.

“It was once up to the staff at Fulton Presbyterian Manor or family to make sure that any resident that wanted to vote could make that happen,” said Laura. “Denise Hubbard, the current Callaway County Clerk, and Kathie Ratliff, Deputy County Clerk, decided that it would be nice if there was a process to make that easier.”  With the help of social worker Donna Hunter, Laura was instrumental in bringing the ability to vote right to the residents at Fulton Presbyterian Manor.

“The County Clerk’s office sends a list of all registered at the Presbyterian Manor address. On an arranged date and time, a two-person team comes to the community with ballots for all residents that want to vote,” said Laura.

“Sometimes they change their mind and decide they do not want to vote. Others want to register to vote so that they will be able to vote in the next scheduled election. The votes are initialed by a bi-partisan team and sealed immediately to protect the integrity of their ballot.”

Be on the lookout for Laura and her voting volunteers this month!

“I feel that it is important to help the residents keep everything in their life as normal as possible.  Not all of them have a family that is able to assist them with this process.  This allows them to continue being a voting citizen no matter where they happen to be living,” said Laura.

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