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Volunteer of the Year: Baylie Borman

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Baylie with her grandmother Judy Borman.[/caption]

Volunteers play a vital role in helping our staff and residents on a daily basis at Presbyterian Manor. April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, so now is a great time to highlight one particular volunteer who’s made a big impact, Baylie Borman.

Activity Director Beth Boyd says Baylie has been an outstanding volunteer, often just stopping in to see if she can do anything.

“She comes to mind so often when I need someone to volunteer or fill in. She comes here bouncing and smiling every time,” Beth said.

Baylie comes from a family that has a long history of helping in the community and never fails to do what she says she will do.

“Her can-do attitude is a blessing and many of the residents know her from when her parents were in school and even from being with her grandparents,” Beth said.

Baylie is a college student and is very active at William Woods University.

“We may need to work around what she has going on at school, but that doesn’t stop her.  She not only volunteers here at Presbyterian Manor but also throughout Callaway County.  She has and is a blessing to not only us, but to all that meet her,” Beth said.

Baylie’s love for helping others shines through, and it’s obvious her positive attitude is as genuine as they come.

“Volunteering is a wonderful feeling, and I encourage anyone, no matter the age, to go and spend time volunteering,” said Baylie. “When I arrive at Fulton Presbyterian Manor, I have a huge smile on my face, and when I leave, I have a huge smile on my face. Even if it’s an hour of your day, I know the residents appreciate the time.”

While the very definition of the word volunteer means you don’t get paid, Baylie benefits from her time spent helping the community in some very tangible ways.

William Woods has a program called Woods Around the World. It’s a way for students to learn about other cultures and travel around the world. Travis Tamerius, the director of the program, came up with a scholarship program called Project 123 where students complete 123 hours of volunteer hours around Callaway County. In exchange, they receive a travel stipend.

“When I came in as a freshman, I heard about Project 123 and the opportunity to travel. My sophomore year, I was interested in volunteering here and got in contact with Beth. I have always enjoyed volunteering, but I especially love the residents here at Presbyterian Manor. They are all friendly and welcoming. In addition, if Beth ever needed extra help, I would try to come in and help her out,” said Baylie.

Baylie enjoys doing many things with the residents, including board games, cards, dominos, Scrabble and just talking.

“I also enjoy the interaction with the residents and making their day better. Since I’m a Callawegian, there are a lot of residents who know my grandparents (Judy and Harlan Borman), and I think that is so cool. I love hearing stories of the residents’ travels, their childhoods and their family. Every time I come in, I interact with different people, and I really like that,” said Baylie.

Join us in thanking Baylie for all that she does, and we encourage you to recognize all of the volunteers who help make Fulton Presbyterian Manor a wonderful place to live and work.

“Thank you for choosing me as Volunteer of the Year! I really appreciate it and have loved every second of it. The staff and other volunteers are always so friendly and are always willing to help me if I have a question!”

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