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Two staff members work to beautify outdoor areas for residents

Kellie Starling and Teresa Taullie know how much Fulton Presbyterian Manor residents enjoy spending time outdoors and that many of them tended gardens and outdoor spaces in their younger years.

So, the two decided to create a little oasis in the courtyard near the healthcare front entrance where residents and their family and guests can enjoy the outdoors while visiting.

It wasn’t an easy task. Kellie and Teresa spent three days turning the sparse area into a space filled with flowers, seating areas and outdoor decorations.

To plant flowers, they had to remove and dig through rock and landscape fabric to find ground. They also had a swing moved to the area and set up bird feeders to attract wildlife that would interest residents.

“We just wanted to have somewhere for them to hang out in a natural environment,” said Teresa, administrative assistant. “We know our residents love to be outside. We kind of figured this would bring that back for them.”

When they planned the area, Kellie said they were also considering staff members. Flower pots in the area are filled with Gerber daisies, Executive Director Dawn Smith’s favorite flower.

“She sees them every morning,” said Kellie, life enrichment coordinator.

Kellie and Teresa are also working to bring life to other areas of the community.

With help from residents, they have beautified an area near assisted living, and they are prepping another community courtyard for residents to plant vegetables and flowers.

Residents are enjoying their new, lively outdoor space.

“One of the residents said she’s never seen so many flowers,” Teresa said.

Kellie said the project has been a labor of love. “It was quite a tedious job,” she said, “but it was worth it.”

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