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Time for change

Congratulations to two Fulton Presbyterian Manor employees who have changed positions since the start of the year and are enjoying their new roles.

A staff member for four years, Teresa Taullie recently moved from her position as restorative aide to administrative assistant. She’s now responsible for helping to keep administration and the community running smoothly, including maintaining the front desk and tracking healthcare needs.

“I’m always up for a change and stepping out of my comfort zone,” Teresa said. “I wanted to see how else I can help.”

She said she enjoys representing Presbyterian Manor to outside guests, such as visiting corporate staff, hospice representatives and residents’ guests.

“I get to be more one-on-one with the outside,” Teresa said. “I love my residents and love being with them - this is just a different side of it.”

Raymond Pfaff struggled with the decision to move from working as an RN to becoming the director of nursing, a role he stepped into in March. Difficult past experiences and a love of direct care made him question whether it was a good fit.

But Raymond believes God puts you where he wants you, and he saw the change as an opportunity to grow and help others.

“With prayer, family support and Presbyterian Manor support, things all came together,” he said, “and it's been nothing but a blessing. I’m still able to get my hands in with direct care.”

So far, the position has been exciting and challenging, allowing Raymond to experience new people and learn new skills.

“I feel blessed every day that I get to love on these residents,” he said, “and build a family out of the staff.”

He has no plans to leave Presbyterian Manor.

“I’ll probably just retire right into a room,” he said.

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