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The Right Ingredients for Independent Living

When Doty and Wally Peck started their search for an independent living community, they knew it had to have the right mix of amenities and affordability. And after looking at several communities, both in Columbia and Jefferson City, they decided to stay right at home in Fulton.

“We wanted to stay in this community. And here, you can rent your apartment rather than having to buy one,” said Wally.

“They were all nice, but this was the best,” Doty added.

A staff connection helped seal the deal.

“My father Ed is friends with the Pecks, and he recommended that they come see me and check out Fulton Presbyterian Manor. I’m so glad they chose this as their new home!” said Keri Edwards, administrative services and marketing director.

Doty and Wally have been sweethearts since grade school, and both found careers at the McDonnell Douglas aircraft plant in St. Louis.

“I was a pastry chef and baker,” said Wally. “There were about 13 cafeterias at the plant, and there was a bakery. I then went on to work in a factory.”

Doty was an office worker at the plant, and together they cooked up a family of their own, with a son and daughter, as well as two granddaughters.

“We used to travel quite a bit and were also involved at the senior center from about 1993 until we moved here. I used to cook and bake there,” said Wally. “But I sold all of my equipment and enjoy having someone else do all the cooking now!”

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Independent Living at Fulton Presbyterian Manor[/caption]

The ability to enjoy life worry-free is what ultimately led Doty and Wally to Fulton Presbyterian Manor.

“It’s less work and more pleasure! Our food is served to us and we don’t have to worry about it,” said Wally. “Now I’m free to just do as I want, like watch sports and the news on TV all day if I want to!”

Doty is also enjoying her additional downtime, is catching up on reading and enjoys taking walks, often tracking up to one mile a day.

“We were hesitant to give up our home because it’s a big change and a big decision. But we haven’t regretted it,” said Doty “We find that the people here are extremely friendly and we’ve made a whole bunch of new friendships. We certainly recommend it!”

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