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The handprint quilt

This quilt is very, very special to our life enrichment director, Kellie Starling.

Her grandson, Trinton, was in the second grade when he got sick with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). He bravely went through three rounds of chemo, but just could not attain remission. Trinton passed away the day before his 9th birthday.

The quilt was sewn by Trinton’s second grade teacher’s mother. Her name is Emma Jaccariono. The quilt was originally planned and made for a class raffle at the school Trinton attended in order to buy all the second grade iPads to use.

So, the day that Kellie went to pick up Trinton’s ashes, she received a call from Mrs. Jaccariono on her way home. Mrs. Jaccariono told Kellie that she had gotten Trinton’s handprint for the quilt before he got sick. Kellie was so happy that the handprint got on the quilt, but she was also sad.

The school then allowed the raffle to play out in entirety. They then called Kellie to say that they were giving the quilt to her. Kellie was overwhelmed with emotion at the priceless gift to her in her grandson’s memory. She now keeps the quilt tucked away in her cedar chest as a special memory of Trinton.

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