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Q & A: Employee and his resident mother share what they love about Presbyterian Manor

It's not all that unusual in senior living communities, but it still interesting when a staff member's parent becomes a resident. We sat down with Environmental Services Director Lowe Cannell and his mother, Janie, to ask them few questions.

Q: What do you like best about working/living where your mom lives/your son works?

Lowe: The best thing about working where Mom lives now is that I get to see her every day. I know that she is being well cared for. It’s all the more reason to make sure that I do the best job possible to make this place the best it can be.

Janie:  I enjoy getting to see my son more often now.

Q: What is the thing you least like about working and living at the same place?

Lowe: It was strange at first knowing that my co-workers would be caring for my mom, and I was definitely apprehensive because of some of her conditions. The staff here have seen just about everything, though, and they just give her the professional and loving care that they would anyone else.

Janie: Nothing.

Q: What do you treasure most about each other?

Lowe: Mom has always been a very giving person. It made her feel good to do something nice for family and friends. And back in the day she was a heck of a good cook. I learned a lot from her in that department.

Janie:  Everything. He’s awesome. I love watching Lowe be a wonderful father to his son, Dylan.

Q: Any other information you’d like to add?

Lowe: A few years ago neither of us would have imagined that our situation would be what it is, with me working here and Mom living here, but life is just funny that way. We’re both very thankful for all that Presbyterian Manor does for our family, though!

Janie: Lowe is such a neat guy. He's knowledgeable and shows a lot of kindness to people.

Lowe and his wife, Crystal, have a son, Dylan, who is 11 years old. Lowe has worked at Fulton Presbyterian Manor for almost three years, and Janie has lived here for eight months.

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