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Nursing is a family tradition

Nursing runs in Brittany Kempker’s blood. So does working at Fulton Presbyterian Manor, as it turns out.

“My mom (Elinda Trower) worked in the building, and that’s how I knew I wanted to work here, too,” Brittany said. “She worked here about seven or eight years as a nurse, and about two years ago, she moved to medical records and is the unit coordinator.”

Her mother’s experience, as well as her own during her formative years, helped Brittany realize that Presbyterian Manor is more than a place — it is a community of connected, caring people.

“My mom came home with some really good stories, and she had really great relationships with these patients,” Brittany said. “I wanted to build those relationships — that’s my favorite part of the job.”

When she was young, Brittany would sometimes visit her mom at work. Through those visits, she came to understand why her mom felt so strongly about her work — and the people.

“She’d introduce us to residents and let us get to know them,” Brittany said. “There was one in particular that I really got to know, since I was 15 or so. She got to see me grow up, saw me graduate school, saw me work here. She got to hold my baby and meet my dog.”

Brittany, who is a licensed practical nurse, helps residents meet their care needs while also serving as the quality assurance coordinator and the infection control nurse. These roles allow her to investigate any incidents, create appropriate interventions, and ensure that anyone with an infection is closely monitored with appropriate antibiotic treatment.

“We have higher acuity patients, and they require more care from us,” Brittany said.

The long tradition of nursing in Brittany’s family has helped it seem natural for her to do her work at Presbyterian Manor. Aside from her mother’s experience, Brittany said her great-grandmother used to ride by horse across Missouri to deliver babies.

“Nursing has been in my family for years and years,” she said. “In my family, it was kind of expected that I’d become a nurse. I knew from the time I had my daughter that I wanted to go to nursing school and that I had the intention of working at Presbyterian Manor.”

Brittany married her high school sweetheart, and together they have one daughter and three dogs.

“I love, love, love dogs,” Brittany said. “But my daughter is my favorite person in the world.”

Along with the natural ease Brittany feels with being a nurse, she also feels a family-like comfort in her interactions with residents at Presbyterian Manor.

“I like to make family with people,” she said. ‘I like grandmas and grandpas. I like to stay busy, and I get to do lots of fun stuff here.”

March 9 is Brittany’s birthday — so be sure to say happy birthday if you see her in the building.

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