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New resident spotlight: Mildred Dowling

She may be new to Fulton Presbyterian Manor, but it’s certainly not new to her. Mildred Dowling joined our family in January 2018, but her father, Judge Oscar A. Kamp, was with us from 1982-1988.

“I chose Fulton Presbyterian Manor over other area options partly because I was familiar with it, and partly because I really like the levels of care they offer here. If you get really ill, you don’t always have to be rushed to the hospital or to another place,” said Mildred.

Mildred knows first-hand what kind of dilemma that can be, after her husband went through a similar experience several years ago.

“What I liked about here was that skilled care was available if you became ill and could no longer manage. Like my husband when he got sick, we went somewhere else. The care was poor, and he didn’t get good attention. He got so bad, and one night, he had a 105-degree fever. Nobody caught it, and he had to go in to the hospital by ambulance. Three different times they took him in. He ended up passing from sepsis. He just had too much wrong at that point,” said Mildred.

Mildred and her husband Kerry enjoyed many things in life before his passing. Mildred was several years into her teaching career before she met her husband and moved to Montgomery City where he had a car dealership.

“I taught in high school on business subjects like shorthand, bookkeeping, business law and business English. I taught in three schools total. I taught in Bellflower one year right out of school, and then worked for the summer for the county clerk. Kerry was on the school board in Wellsville, then I worked in Wellsville for two years. We then got married and taught in Montgomery City for a while,” said Mildred.

Once Kerry and Mildred had children, she decided to retire from teaching. They had two sons, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mildred and her husband really enjoyed traveling but decided to do most of it after their children were grown.

“When the boys were small, they loved baseball, so we took them to Chicago to a ball game. We’d planned on going up to Wisconsin and do some sightseeing, but they just wanted to go back, and kept asking, ‘how much longer before we get home?’ So my husband turned the car around, and we decided to wait to do more traveling until they’d left home,” said Mildred.

It was then when their travels took them to all European countries, Scandinavia, South America, Russia and on many cruises. Mildred also enjoys needlework, though she used to enjoy bridge, she hasn’t found anyone to play it with yet at Fulton Presbyterian Manor.

Though she hasn’t found bridge partners, she’s found a “home away from home,” and even gets frequent visits from family.

“My son lives in town, and he stops by every day on his way to work for five or ten minutes. A lot of times he’ll stop in the afternoon as he leaves the office, too. And he’ll take me to his house for supper and out to the country club, which I enjoy,” said Mildred.

We’re so glad Mildred chose Fulton Presbyterian Manor, and have enjoyed getting to know her!

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