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I Remember When…

Several of our residents have experienced times in our history that are historic and fascinating! Here are some of the stories they shared:

Mildred Dowling said, “I remember this vividly. I was a junior in high school and my parents and I were in Jefferson City (Mo.) spending the day there. It was Sunday, December 7. We heard it on the radio that the Japanese had struck Pearl Harbor. Not long after that they started the draft. I think it was most monumental that I was living when war was declared then.”

Mrs. Helen Austin describes several memories, “I was about 8 or 9 years old when the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped. I was a good reader and read about it in the newspapers the entire time. I also remember hearing everyone talk about it.” She said she also remembers Amelia Earhart’s trip and when she was lost. She had hoped that she would be found. She also shares that she loved rumble seats in cars and thought she would want one when she got older. She says that she first saw them in a Model T. She also remembers well the stock market crash of 1929. She remembers the pictures and images of people jumping out of windows. She also recalls how people bashed President Hoover over such things.

Patty Graves shared how she remembers John F. Kennedy’s assassination. She says she was working at the leather goods company Prince Gardner. She and some others went to lunch at White Castle’s that day. They found out and were all in shock. They went back to work, and it was all the buzz at work and was on television all the time for a while. She also says she remembers what happened with the World Trade Center buildings. She says she was watching television that morning and she actually remembers seeing a plane hit one of the buildings. She says she watched the TV the rest of that day.

Ann Hilton says that she was in her apartment when she heard on the radio that World War II had begun.

Christine Houchins says that she was working in the kitchen at the Fulton High School when she heard that President Kennedy had been killed. She says, “the boss was in her office and then came out to tell the rest of us what happened.”

PHOTO: Amelia Earhart in Department of Commerce airplane, 1936

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