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Environmental services appreciation: Residents are the reason

Staff works hard to make sure every day is a great day for those living at Fulton Presbyterian Manor

The environmental services staff at Fulton Presbyterian Manor give time and effort each day to provide residents with a safe, healthy living space. But they get back as much as they give.

“I love the residents, just being around them. They make it fun,” said Sonja Allen, laundry supervisor and 10-year staff member. “I have gotten really close with some people.”

Lowe Cannell, director of environmental services, said interacting with residents is an integral part of the job. “Trying to create a clean and a safe and healthy environment, that’s what we’re there for,” he said. “But also, part of the job is stopping to visit with the residents and trying to make their day better if you have the opportunity for that.”

The staff’s dedication to improving the campus and residents’ lives is recognized.

“We appreciate all the hard work they all do to keep our community looking tip-top and the care they take in their work,” said Tresa Allen, marketing director.

Sonja said she enjoys being a part of the environmental services team because employees work together as a team and help other departments when needed.

“I’ve always had a good staff,” she said. “They work together, and if one of them needs help, they help out.”

Lowe agrees. “They’ve got a willingness to help out other departments,” he said. “If the nursing staff is short, we might help strip beds or if dietary is short, we might help deliver room trays.”

As Environmental Services Director, Lowe supervises the housekeeping, laundry and maintenance departments and is also in charge of the life safety program, which includes handling facility inspections, documentation and reports. It’s a big job, but he said the diversity keeps every day interesting.

“There’s never a dull moment,” said Lowe, who has worked at Fulton Presbyterian Manor for over four years.

He helps keep work interesting for his employees as well.

“I guess my philosophy is if I’m not willing to do it, I’m not going to ask you to do it,” he said. “Some of the most fun days are when I don’t have a housekeeper, and I will grab a cart and do the housekeeping for the day,” he said. “The staff love it. They get a kick out of me cleaning toilets, and I get to interact more with the residents. I learn about what the staff has to go through, spend time in their shoes.”

The Fulton Presbyterian Manor environmental services staff includes Lowe, Sonja, housekeepers Audrey and Rosie, maintenance technician Glenn Rost and housekeeper and laundry employee Donna.

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