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Delightful dining at Fulton Presbyterian Manor

When Dining Services Director Chas Cramer came on board in January, he was eager to help create the best dining experience possible for residents. But he knows that goes beyond just preparing delicious food.

"Residents are in the dining room multiple times a day, every day. It's important to freshen things up sometimes. It gives them something to talk about, and creates a more enjoyable atmosphere," said Chas.

One change Chas recently brought about was creating a mobile salad bar that could be moved to the skilled nursing dining room to give them the same options as assisted and independent living.

"I told Dawn, the executive director, that I'd like to have a salad bar in both dining rooms. She said sure, as long as you can find something for a reasonable cost. Well, I thought, why not put wheels on the existing salad bar? The two dining rooms serve food at different times, so it was feasible. We also bought matching tables to go beside it for a cleaner, more pleasant look," said Chas.

In addition to the mobile salad bar, Chas also brought in a clear-door mini fridge to the assisted living dining room, so residents would have more options for food throughout the day.

"We serve yogurt parfaits, pudding parfaits, fruit cups, pie slices, cake pieces, and more. We rotate the items every three days, and residents enjoy having more options available at any time," said Chas.

Along with these changes, Chas has overseen upgrades to the skilled nursing dining room, which are still in progress.

"When you’re revamping, when they’re constantly seeing something new, it keeps things exciting.”

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