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Brave moments during quilt of valor ceremony

Three of our residents were honored with Quilts of Valor from Barb Huddleston with the Daughters of American Revolution and Historical Society.

Charles Benson, Jack McBride, and Carl Rues all received hand-made patriotic quilts in recognition of their military service. Charles gave a word of thanks and Carl had the audience chuckling when he called his military experience, "interesting."

Jack gave a few more words and reminded attendees of a time not so long ago when serving in the military didn't matter as an honor so much if you were a person of color. He recalled being injured on a Navy ship during WWII, and while he was grateful to have survived, his return home presented him with more pain.

"With all of that, I came back home, and because of the color of my skin, in Callaway County, I couldn't sit in the downstairs of the theatre. I couldn't go to some places because of the color of my skin. So, I came back from the Navy, and I was disgruntled. I was a second-class citizen."

We're grateful for all military veterans who have served to protect our country, and for continued improvements to policies and practices which attempt to right the wrongs of injustice.

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