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Appreciating nursing assistants

Nationwide, we celebrate Nursing Assistants Week June 13-20. We asked a few of our residents why they appreciate these essential staff members.

Some reasons nurse aides are important to us:

"There are not enough full-fledged nurses so there have to be more nurse aides to assist this many people." — Mildred Dowling

"You need help. They are there to help you. We have some great nurse aides here." —Janette Clark

"Because we need help. If we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t have anyone to help us." - Patty Graves

New CNA announcement!

Speaking of how important nursing assistants are, we're happy to announce that Lorraine Atkins (picture at the top) passed her CNA exam in March and is now working full-time as a CNA on the day shift in the Healthcare Unit.

Lorraine says that the residents “make it worth it” and she adds, “I am happy." We are thrilled to have Lorraine as part of our team! Congratulations Lorraine!

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