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All donors and donations appreciated at Fulton Presbyterian Manor

Donors to Fulton Presbyterian Manor can feel assured that their gifts are making a real difference in others’ lives.

The community receives donations of money, clothing, crafts, puzzle books, magazines and labor. A majority of the financial gifts go to the Good Samaritan Fund, which supports residents who have outlived their resources for reasons beyond their own control.

“Donors assist both our residents and staff by making lives better and help with things that may not ordinarily be in reach,” said Tresa Allen, marketing director.

The community relies on donations of time, materials and money to provide residents with a high quality of life and security in knowing they will always have a home there.

“Fulton Presbyterian Manor appreciates the time and donation from every donor no matter how large or how small,” Tresa said. “They all make the residents lives happier in some way.”

Anyone interested in donating can drop off financial or material gifts at the business office, donate online, or they can arrange endowments or Living Legacies.

Fulton honors donors by recognizing them on an honor wall as well as publishing their names in the newsletter at certain times of the year.

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