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Abbie the amazing

As part of Women’s History Month, we celebrate Abbie Akers, a resident at the Fulton Presbyterian Manor in the assisted living area. Abbie is a testament to women everywhere of what hard work and caring for others means.

Abbie had seven children and was married until her husband fell ill and passed away. Abbie is a cancer survivor and worked at the Riverview Nursing Center as a CNA when it first opened.

"That was back in the days before you needed a license to do these things," said Abbie.

Abbie then went to work for the Fulton Family Services office for two years and ended up at the Mexico Family Services office for two years. Abbie finally went to work at the Extension Office at the Mexico, Mo., courthouse. In that time, Abbie had 26 surgeries and she also “helped my husband at the sawmill when someone didn’t show up for work."

During that time, Abbie was known to have children at her house at any time of the day. It was said that Abbie could have twice as many children at her home than her own seven children. She also kept her house up and did what chores needed to be done. Abbie taught Sunday school in Reform, Mo., for many years.

"I enjoyed doing this immensely," said Abbie.

Abbie spent her free time taking others to the doctor, taking care of other children (her son’s friend for two years, and she raised two grandsons and helped raise the rest of her grandchildren), and taking children and adults on vacation with her and her family.

Abbie remains in the giving spirit as she helps some of the other residents with various things they need. Abbie is patient and caring with most and has been described by a niece as having a heart of gold.

“I have had a happy life; there has been a lot more happiness than sorrows. It’s been a wonderful life," Abbie said.

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