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    For Kaitlyn Potts, nursing begins with building relationships

    Registered nurse Kaitlyn Potts finds the most rewarding part of her work in the relationships that she’s been able to build. In her role as a medication aide nurse, she enjoys a good deal of interaction with residents. She appreciates the chance to get to know them on a personal level.“I really like the relationships,” she said.   Read More...

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    I remember when…

    Each of us passes through historic moments throughout our lives. While shared nationally or globally, we often remember these times through the filter of our personal experience. From a global pandemic or the assassination of a president to the biggest snowstorm in memory — these experiences are both widely shared and uniquely ours.A few residents shared their own “I remember where I was when.…” stories.Jimmie Houf — New Year’s Eve blizzard in New YorkJimmie ...  Read More...

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    Alice Capps made a career out of her caregiver’s heart

    Alice Capps has always been a caregiver. For the better part of 54 years, she’s used her heart to tend to the needs of others in her nursing career.“I think when I started, I was a young girl,” Alice said. “My parents were elderly to be parents, and my father got injured by a car that hit him in the street.   Read More...

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    Volunteers make a difference

    At Fulton Presbyterian Manor, we have a number of volunteers who visit throughout the month to entertain or simply brighten residents’ days.These volunteers provide spiritual support as well as fun things to do. All residents are welcome to join in any activity with a volunteer. Kellie Starling, life enrichment coordinator, works diligently to ensure the residents have plenty of quality volunteers to help fill our residents’ days.Our volunteers are:Nellie Swartwood, weekly bingoCourt...  Read More...

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    Celebrating the nurses of Fulton Presbyterian Manor

    Here at Fulton Presbyterian Manor, we love our nurses!They are friendly, efficient and are on top of whatever the residents might need. They are hardworking and strive to ensure everyone is happy. They are the best at working with families and helping each other out.   Read More...

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